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Check out these awesome resources!

We're all about community and these people are all about it. Here you will find our favorite bike shops and organizations, as well as our favorite bicycle personalities.


Bike Shop and Park Tool School

Stay True CycleWorks LLC

John is an alumnus of Bikes del Pueblo and a regular collaborator and partner for our events. His shop is THE bike shop of City Heights. Oh, did we mention he's a wonderful teacher?

  • Website
  • Instagram


Radical Adventure Riders (RAR)

Like BdP, RAR wants to make cycling spaces move toward gender inclusivity and racial equity. They are also a great resource for folx wanting to enter the cycling industry.

  • Website
  • Instagram


queer cyclist

Hannah is one of our favorite YouTube channels focused on the biking lifestyle. As she puts it, her channel is "for people who like gay stuff and also bikes."

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
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DIY Bicycle Maintenance

Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown was a trailblazer for the online DIY ethos. He left behind a wonderful resource, where many of us who were mechanically-curious cultivated our aspirations.

  • Website
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